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Description : <div>ZAT provides its customers with different hardware products like Personal Computers, Laptops,</div><div>Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Copiers, Toners, Servers, and Workstations etc. Of various renowned and</div><div>trusted manufactures such as Lenovo, Dell, Epson, Brother, IBM, etc...</div><div><div>Apart from this, various softwares are also a part of the products that ZAT offers to its customers,</div><div>such as Accounting Softwares, Database Software, Access Control Software, of Oracle, Citrix, Sage, Focus,</div><div>etc.</div><div>ZAT provide networking solutions, including design, installation, and support, for local or wide</div><div>area networks supporting Unix, Windows 2003 , Cisco Systems, 3Com and many others. We also provide</div><div>Gigabit, Ethernet, 100baseT, and Fiber Optic services.</div><div>• LAN /WAN: - Our data communication solutions are simple, scalable, efficient and perfect for</div><div>local or wide area networks.</div><div>• RAID SOLUTIONS: - We’ll configure and implement the right storage layout scheme for your</div><div>business. Our solutions can tolerate failure of a drive without losing data and can operate</div><div>independently if necessary.</div><div>• SERVERS / WORKSTATIONS: - We’ll design and deployment .Upgrade and migration of</div><div>servers/ workstations systems.</div><div>• ROUTING /SWITCHING: - Our solutions provide load balancing based on traffic patterns,</div><div>increasing efficiency and alleviating overload.</div><div>• VIRUS PROTECTION &amp; SECURITY: - Unparalleled security measures ensure application</div><div>availability and protect data from loss and corruption.</div><div>• BATTERY BACKUP: - Our Uninterrupted Power System guarantees critical product</div><div>performance and reliability.</div><div>• DATA BACKUP &amp; STORAGE: - Secured off-site, our data backup and storage methods surpass</div><div>industry standards and requirements.</div></div><div><br></div>

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