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ZAT provides its customers with different hardware products like Personal Computers, Laptops,
Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Copiers, Toners, Servers, and Workstations etc. Of various renowned and
trusted manufactures such as Lenovo, Dell, Epson, Brother, IBM, etc...
Apart from this, various softwares are also a part of the products that ZAT offers to its customers,
such as Accounting Softwares, Database Software, Access Control Software, of Oracle, Citrix, Sage, Focus,
ZAT provide networking solutions, including design, installation, and support, for local or wide
area networks supporting Unix, Windows 2003 , Cisco Systems, 3Com and many others. We also provide
Gigabit, Ethernet, 100baseT, and Fiber Optic services.
• LAN /WAN: - Our data communication solutions are simple, scalable, efficient and perfect for
local or wide area networks.
• RAID SOLUTIONS: - We’ll configure and implement the right storage layout scheme for your
business. Our solutions can tolerate failure of a drive without losing data and can operate
independently if necessary.
• SERVERS / WORKSTATIONS: - We’ll design and deployment .Upgrade and migration of
servers/ workstations systems.
• ROUTING /SWITCHING: - Our solutions provide load balancing based on traffic patterns,
increasing efficiency and alleviating overload.
• VIRUS PROTECTION & SECURITY: - Unparalleled security measures ensure application
availability and protect data from loss and corruption.
• BATTERY BACKUP: - Our Uninterrupted Power System guarantees critical product
performance and reliability.
• DATA BACKUP & STORAGE: - Secured off-site, our data backup and storage methods surpass
industry standards and requirements.