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CCTV Digital Colour Cameras help to protect your family, property and possessions against theft,
vandalism and violence. They operate over a wider range of lighting conditions, to produce better colour images and
even include night vision cameras. CCTV digital systems can vary from a single static camera system, to an unlimited
number of cameras, recording to a digital recorder, which can also be accessed remotely.
With our advanced CCTV product such as multiplexers, day/night Cameras, digital recorder, and digital
network systems, you will be able to:
1. Integrate with security system to ensure guard has correct pictures to view and
optimum recording is obtained,
2. Detect intrusion with motion sensing,
3. Speed up the recorder in event of intrusion to improve picture quality,
4. Link to other sites using telephone or microwave,
5. Digital recording up to 6 month with easy storage to disc,
6. Give clear high-resolution pictures,
7. High quality, reliable products at reasonable prices.
Weather-proof Cameras, Dome Cameras, Box Cameras, Miniature Cameras, Hidden Cameras,
Bullet Cameras, Board Cameras, All-in-One Cameras, Network/IP Cameras, Speed Dome Cameras, Stand
Alone DVRs, are some of the various types of Cameras available. Apart from this, we also provide;
• LCD Multiple Screen Combination Panel Wall (19" LCD Color Monitor or higher, from 50" to
500" big screen).
• CCTV LCD Color Monitor (from 15" to 46").
• Built - In DVR Monitor.
• Digital Color Monitor & Analog Color Monitor & Black/White Monitor (From 9" to 20" CRT
• Bracket and Mounting