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• WIRELESS TRACKING & FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTION:- Utilizing the latest proven and tested technologies, integrates vehicle based Global Positioning System (GPS), GSM/GPRS communication protocols and Telemetry controls delivering comprehensive fleet management data directly to a central server. By utilizing this data in conjunction with regularly updated maps, clients are able to view their vehicle's location and up to the minute status in the convenience of their own offices via the internet. . Providing mapping, tracking, monitoring, recording and reporting of all activities of your fleet, we also provide users with GPS-based location information in real-time for efficient fleet management. A messaging capability was designed to help organizations lower administration costs while increasing their productivity. • KIOSK INFORMATION SYSTEM: - The Kiosk systems that we offer combine a PC touch screen monitor with a locking cabinet for PC components. They are an attractive and secure way to present your software application or multimedia presentation to the public. Our kiosk systems are available with PC systems and other components, so all you need to add is your software to make an interactive information display. • ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: - The Electronic Document Management Service (EDMS) is an initiative to improve document imaging and records management at your organization. Our solution stores and organizes documents of any type, including electronic files and e-mail, in one common document pool. These documents are then available quickly and easily as valuable knowledge, at any time and from any location. Benefits of EDMS:- • Saving of space and cost • Prompt access to relevant information • Document preservation • Speed up business decision cycles • Increase productivity and profitability
ZAT provides its customers with different hardware products like Personal Computers, Laptops,
Printers, Scanners, Projectors, Copiers, Toners, Servers, and Workstations etc. Of various renowned and
trusted manufactures such as Lenovo, Dell, Epson, Brother, IBM, etc...
Apart from this, various softwares are also a part of the products that ZAT offers to its customers,
such as Accounting Softwares, Database Software, Access Control Software, of Oracle, Citrix, Sage, Focus,
ZAT provide networking solutions, including design, installation, and support, for local or wide
area networks supporting Unix, Windows 2003 , Cisco Systems, 3Com and many others. We also provide
Gigabit, Ethernet, 100baseT, and Fiber Optic services.
• LAN /WAN: - Our data communication solutions are simple, scalable, efficient and perfect for
local or wide area networks.
• RAID SOLUTIONS: - We’ll configure and implement the right storage layout scheme for your
business. Our solutions can tolerate failure of a drive without losing data and can operate
independently if necessary.
• SERVERS / WORKSTATIONS: - We’ll design and deployment .Upgrade and migration of
servers/ workstations systems.
• ROUTING /SWITCHING: - Our solutions provide load balancing based on traffic patterns,
increasing efficiency and alleviating overload.
• VIRUS PROTECTION & SECURITY: - Unparalleled security measures ensure application
availability and protect data from loss and corruption.
• BATTERY BACKUP: - Our Uninterrupted Power System guarantees critical product
performance and reliability.
• DATA BACKUP & STORAGE: - Secured off-site, our data backup and storage methods surpass
industry standards and requirements.

CCTV Digital Colour Cameras help to protect your family, property and possessions against theft,
vandalism and violence. They operate over a wider range of lighting conditions, to produce better colour images and
even include night vision cameras. CCTV digital systems can vary from a single static camera system, to an unlimited
number of cameras, recording to a digital recorder, which can also be accessed remotely.
With our advanced CCTV product such as multiplexers, day/night Cameras, digital recorder, and digital
network systems, you will be able to:
1. Integrate with security system to ensure guard has correct pictures to view and
optimum recording is obtained,
2. Detect intrusion with motion sensing,
3. Speed up the recorder in event of intrusion to improve picture quality,
4. Link to other sites using telephone or microwave,
5. Digital recording up to 6 month with easy storage to disc,
6. Give clear high-resolution pictures,
7. High quality, reliable products at reasonable prices.
Weather-proof Cameras, Dome Cameras, Box Cameras, Miniature Cameras, Hidden Cameras,
Bullet Cameras, Board Cameras, All-in-One Cameras, Network/IP Cameras, Speed Dome Cameras, Stand
Alone DVRs, are some of the various types of Cameras available. Apart from this, we also provide;
• LCD Multiple Screen Combination Panel Wall (19" LCD Color Monitor or higher, from 50" to
500" big screen).
• CCTV LCD Color Monitor (from 15" to 46").
• Built - In DVR Monitor.
• Digital Color Monitor & Analog Color Monitor & Black/White Monitor (From 9" to 20" CRT
• Bracket and Mounting